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In 2000, if you wanted to load up on digital stock photos you had to buy a CD-ROM. But iStockphoto realized that in the 21st century the old way of distributing images wasn't going to work anymore. Instead of trying to sell physical copies of digital files, iStockphoto put images online for free and saw a creative community grow around this radical idea. Web designers loved it and downloaded as many pictures as they could. Some of them had digital cameras and started uploading images of their own. When the monthly bandwidth bills topped $10,000, we asked the iStock community if they would support paying for images. The response was overwhelmingly positive. In 2002, iStock began selling credits. Now you could get a high-quality image for under a dollar, and the artist who contributed it got paid a royalty. It was an entirely new way of doing things. Some people called it the birth of 'microstock'. We just call it iStock.

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07 September 2013
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