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Name: UBM Aviation Limited

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- Brussels Airport
- Helsinki Airport
referred UBM Aviation Limited as the main source that shows the incorrect flight information.
Ask UBM Aviation Limited to correct the Flight information database showing Pristina, Kosovo (PRN).

Emails sent: 757

10 Jan 2013
Message from institution
“We received this email from one of your colleagues yesterday and unfortunately Kosovo is currently not recognized by IATA and it is their standards that we adopt across our reference database.
The issue of Pristina International Airport was recently discussed at an IATA meeting.
They advised that a request was received from the CAA of Kosovo to show Pristina International Airport being under XK (Kosovo) however IATA is unable to deviate from the list of official country codes as promulgated by ISO which at the time does not recognize Kosovo as a country.”

05 July 2013
The issue of UBM Aviation Limited has been opened. You can start sending the email requests.


You can also use the social network plugins to publicly request Kosovo inclusion in particular institution’s website.

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