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Name: Slashdot

Slashdot was created in 1997 by Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda. Today it's owned by Dice Holdings, Inc. Slashdot is run primarily by a handful of editors and coders: the code is wrangled and taunted by Kaushik Acharya, David Hand, Tim Vroom, Wes Tapp, Jenny Steele, and Chris Inman. The editors, as of February 2013, are Jeff "Soulskill" Boehm, Clinton "unknown lamer" Ebadi, Timothy Lord, and Rob "Samzenpus" Rozeboom.

Required Action

- Add Kosovo on the official website of Slashdot

Emails sent: 11

06 Mar 2014
Slashdot added Kosovo in the list of countries

13 Oct 2013
The Slashdot case is open for public.
In case of sharing the page via Twitter use @slashdot as a handle.


You can also use the social network plugins to publicly request Kosovo inclusion in particular institution’s website.

Contact Details

Website: www.slashdot.com
Twitter: @slashdot
Category: News
Founded: 1997