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Name: Oracle

Oracle is an enterprise IT company with a specialty in database management systems.

Required Action

- Add Kosovo on the official website of Oracle

Emails sent: 32

09 Jan 2014 
Oracle response:
“Kosovo has been added to Oracle.com. This was completed over a month ago. The addition to Profile will be completed in April. Thank you.”

1 Nov 2013
ORACLE response:
“Thank you for your communication and your interest in Oracle.  I have asked someone in our communications organization to look into this and get back to you as soon as possible.

Given that I have already received quite a number of copies of the same message, I fear that I will continue to get multiple copies.  It appears to me that perhaps someone at digitalkosovo.org has asked its members to send out the same communication.  Let me assure you that a single email inquiry would have sufficed, and that we do have someone tasked to investigate and respond.
Thanks very much. ”

13 Oct 2013
The ORACLE case is in progress.
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Contact Details

Oracle HQ
Redwood City, USA
500 Oracle Pkwy
Redwood City, CA, 94065-1677
Website: www.oracle.com
Twitter: @Oracle
Category: IT
Founded: 1977