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Name: Lanyrd

Lanyrd is a directory of conferences, events and speakers. Visitors can sign in with Twitter to see events their friends are attending or speaking at, submit new events, add talks that they have given and build up their speaker profile.

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Please fix the Geo-Location. Pristina is not in Serbia, it should be Pristina, Kosovo.

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Email received from Lanyrd on:
Sunday, Nov 6, 2011

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. We’ve modified
the site so that it no longer shows any references to Serbia on the
pages that relate to Kosovo and Pristina – for example:


Our places features use GeoPlanet, a location database maintained by
Yahoo, and it was that database which listed Pristina as being inside
Serbia. You can read more about the database we are using here:

Thanks again for letting us know about the problem.

Email Received from Laynrd on:
Friday, Nov 4, 2011
Hello there
Thank you very much for spotting this. We are very sorry that our data is wrong. We’re working on a fix for this now and will update you as soon as this is solved.


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