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Name: Guardian

The Guardian, known until 1959 as The Manchester Guardian, is a British national daily newspaper. Currently edited by Alan Rusbridger, it has grown from a 19th-century local paper to a national paper associated with a complex organisational structure and international multimedia and web presence. Its sister papers include The Observer and The Guardian Weekly. In August 2013, The Guardian in paper form had an average daily circulation of 189 thousand copies, behind The Daily Telegraph and The Times, but ahead of The Independent.

Required Action

- Add Kosovo on the official website of the Guardian

Emails sent: 63

07 Apr 2014
The Guardian added Kosovo in the list of countries. 

08 Oct 2013
The Guardian team response:
“Thank you for getting in touch. The technical team are now looking into the issue. Please bear with us.”

29 Sep 2013

The Guardian case is open for public.
In case of sharing the page via Twitter use @Guardian as a handle.


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Contact Details

The Guardian HQ
119 Farringdon Road, London UK
Website: www.theguardian.com
Twitter: @guardian
Category: Newspaper
Founded: 1821