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Name: Facebook

Facebook is an online social networking service. Its name comes from the colloquial name for the book given to students at the start of the academic year by some American university administrations to help students get to know one another. Facebook was founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University. Facebook has now over a billion users from all over the world.

Required Action

Write names of the cities in its correct forms and list them under Kosovo:

- Prizren, Serbia to Prizren, Kosovo
- Gjilan, Serbia to Gjilan, Kosovo
- Gjakove, Serbia to Gjakove, Kosovo
- Ferizaj, Serbia to Ferizaj, Kosovo
- Podujeve, Serbia to Podujeve, Kosovo
- Vushtrri, Serbia to Vushtrri, Kosovo
- Peje, Serbia to Peje, Kosovo
- Peja, Serbia to Peja, Kosovo
- Mitrovice, Serbia to Mitrovice, Kosovo
- Mitrovica, Serbia to Mitrovica Kosovo
- Lipjan, Serbia to Lipjan, Kosovo
- Fushe Kosove, Serbia to Fushe Kosove, Kosovo
- Drenas, Serbia to Drenas, Kosovo
- Suhareke, Serbia to Suhareke, Kosovo
- Rahovec, Serbia to Rahovec, Kosovo
- Istog, Serbia to Istog, Kosovo
- Kline, Serbia to Kline, Kosovo
- Malisheve, Serbia to Malisheve, Kosovo
- Shtime, Serbia to Shtime, Kosovo
- Viti, Serbia to Viti, Kosovo
- Skenderaj, Diber, Albania to Skenderaj, Kosovo
- Skenderaj, Serbia to Skenderaj, Kosovo
- Kacanik, Montenegro to Kacanik, Kosovo
- Kacanik, Serbia to Kacanik, Kosovo
- Gilan, Serbia to Gjilan, Kosovo
- Kamenice, Serbia to Kamenice, Kosovo
- Decan, Serbia to Decan, Kosovo

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