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Name: Dropbox

Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software. Dropbox allows users to create a special folder on each of their computers, which Dropbox then synchronizes so that it appears to be the same folder (with the same contents) regardless of which computer is used to view it. Files placed in this folder also are accessible through a website and mobile phone applications.

Required Action

- Add Kosovo on dropdown list on the Dropbox for Business

Emails sent: 117

21 Dec 2013 
Dropbox has added Kosovo in the list of countries

17 September 2013
Dropbox case is open for public.
In case of sharing the page via Twitter use @dropbox as a handle.


You can also use the social network plugins to publicly request Kosovo inclusion in particular institution’s website.

Contact Details

Dropbox HQ
185 Berry St 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA, 94107
Website dropbox.com
Blog blog.dropbox.com
Twitter @Dropbox