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Name: Budapest Airport

In 1938 the conception of building a new airport in Budapest entered on the agenda. The area in the boundary of three settlements, Pestszentlorinc-Rakoshegy-Vecses, was assigned as the area of the new airport. The Airport was intended as one jointly for civil-military-sporting purposes. Civil facilities were designed to be built up in the north-western and military ones in the south-western section. Just as for each building, a public tender was invited for the designing and construction of the traffic building.

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- Ask to revise Pristina, Serbia to Pristina, Kosovo

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Status:In Progress
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11 Oct 2913
The Budapest Airport response via Twitter:
“We sent the request to the operator of our route planner app and they’ll take care of the problem. Thank you!”

06 Oct 2013

The Budapest Airport case is open for public.
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