Digital Kosovo is pure diplomacy but unlike traditional one, this diplomacy doesn’t need suits, ties, official and nonofficial meetings with foreign people, endless hours of work on preparing strategies, nor diplomatic language proficiency. If you are an interested person who cares about Kosovo, you can be a diplomat. All you have to do is to follow the steps explained below.


Choose the country

When trying to get involved in the Digital Kosovo project and want to take action, the very first thing you have to do is to read carefully the guides. After you have finished with guides, go to the home page. In the blue bar in the center of the page, right below the Engage with Kosovo section, please select a country.


Select Institution

After you have selected the country to which institution you want to send a request for online recognition, you are asked to select the category. This action will help you to easier find the institution you are looking for by classifying different institutions under the particular category.


Check the status and send the email

The website will automatically send you in the institution’s section after you have selected the category and institution. It is of great importance that you read and check carefully the status of the issue. If the status of the issue is still open, you can send email to the institution.


Verify your Email

Before the email is sent to the institution, you will receive an email in your private address. After clicking the send button, you will receive the email with the link. Please click on the link to verify that you are the owner of the email that is sending the request. Only if you confirm the email the letter will be sent.


Email Preview

The email that you send through Digital Kosovo is in fact one more email in your sent box of your account. This means that the receiver will see the email with your signature on it exactly like all other emails that you send through your account.

After sending the e-mail to the particular institution please take care to check your email and see the responses you’ll get.