Digital Kosovo Goes Mobile

It’s been a while since the last update we posted but this does n’ot mean that we were not working. Actually, we were working really hard and today we proudly announce our newest feature which will upgrade Digital Kosovo in a more advanced stage.

This feature is a result of dedicated work of the team behind Digital Kosovo and is designed to serve the best of the project. It comes after hours of discussions in the office, long talks via Skype with members of the team living abroad, designs and redesigns, many questions, changes and suggestions.

It is top listed in our efforts to get closer to digital ambassadors whose dedication inspires us to continue with our common mission until Kosovo gets fully integrated into digital world.

Digital Kosovo comes closer to you. It has never been easier to be a digital ambassador and a contributor to your beloved country. Digital Kosovo is now in your hands and you won’t need a computer to send requests, suggest institutions or report recognitions. You only need a phone!

Yes, Digital Kosovo has now its mobile application which you can find in App Store. It is available for iOS, and soon will be for Android as well. To further ease the work of the digital diplomats we have also made application available in two versions- Albanian and English. Please check this link to see how the application works. To download it- click here.

This application is made possible with the generous help of the IPKO Telecommunication LLC for which we are very grateful.

We really hope this application will intensify further the achievements of the project and will serve as a tool to more recognitions.

Let’s place Kosovo there where it belongs! Let’s do it!

Good luck,
Digital Kosovo Team


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