Changelog #8

We are continuing our work to add and verify all the institutions that you are suggesting. At the same time we are researching for other institutions. More than 1000 emails were sent last week to more than 30 institutions. New institutions are now in progress of updating their data to include Kosovo on their list of countries.

Technical Changes/Updates:
– Published 10+ new institutions in the list, including:
Top Internet Properties

– Fixed the “Recognition List” and “Add institution” email/form problems;Users used to have problems submitting the forms (Emails failed to send) on those two pages mentioned above.
The problem is fixed now.

– We did some small changes to the Results section on the front page.
Circles show now: E-mails sent, Open cases, Cases in progress and Recognitions.

New areas requiring your diplomatic actions:

Recognition list:
We’ve added new recognitions that were reported by you. See the latest successes in integrating Kosovo online here.

Take Action

Get Involved

If you want to see Kosovo appearing on more of the websites that you use, find out how you can take action to support our wider campaign.


Send request

We have made the institution and website contact procedure easy and simple for you in order to request Kosovo[s integration into their online platforms.


Report success

When you find websites making the change to add Kosovo to their site, please let us know so that we can update the progress here.