Changelog #12

We are leaving behind a very successful year, since the beginning of 2014, 2648 email requests have been sent to different institutions, this number adds up to 5561 emails sent in total. The number of open cases has changed varying on the replies from the institutions contacted. By the end of 2014 Digital Kosovo counts 63 open cases, 28 cases in progress and 76 recognitions (30 recognitions during 2014) achieved with the help of an unstoppable team of 4421 verified digital diplomats and the IPKO Foundation team that is 24 hours behind the platform to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

The Digital Kosovo iOS app was a result of dedicated work of the team behind Digital Kosovo and was designed to serve the best of the project. This application was made possible with the generous help of the IPKO Telecommunication LLC. Digital Kosovo iOS app went online on April 29th 2014 and has been downloaded nearly 800 times on the Apple store by the end of 2014.

The Digital Kosovo iOS Mobile application is documented on this webpage: whereas the application can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store

In cooperation with the Wuu Games team, DK managed to come up with a beautiful solution for Android that had a different look and feel. The application was launched in Google Play Store on November 11th 2014 and has been downloaded and installed 324 times by the end of 2014.

The Digital Kosovo Android Mobile application is documented on this webpage: whereas the application can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store

During 2014 Digital Kosovo team decided that the largest contributors of this initiative to be entitled as Digital Kosovo Ambassadors. These Ambassadors act as representatives and promoters of Kosovo to the wide range of digital landscape. They are the ones that motivate and drive the community forward by allowing the citizens of Kosovo to make use of all opportunities that are available online.

Despite recognizing the Digital Kosovo Ambassadors the Digital Kosovo team has also thought about recognizing the Top Contributors of this platform – people who send emails the most. But in particular the team has decided to recognize also the monthly contributors by giving them the title of Top Contributor of the Month.

Digital Kosovo now has five ambasadors that are also listed on our website under:

As of all time Top Contributors and Top Contributors of the Month can be found on the following link:

To start with 2015 we have added 5 new institutions, check them out below and know that your diplomatic actions are required:

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If you want to see Kosovo appearing on more of the websites that you use, find out how you can take action to support our wider campaign.


Send request

We have made the institution and website contact procedure easy and simple for you in order to request Kosovo[s integration into their online platforms.


Report success

When you find websites making the change to add Kosovo to their site, please let us know so that we can update the progress here.