Kosovo now listed in Amazon.com

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Digital Kosovo uses digital diplomacy to better represent Kosovo in the digital world, its recognitions manage to improve the user experience of a Kosovar citizen and lessen the difficulties that were previously found. The extensive work and dedication that the active citizens of the community have put in throughout the preceding months has produced a very special outcome.

We are more than delighted to announce that after 1218 requests sent from the digital diplomats of Kosovo, Amazon.com has responded positively and has finally recognized our country, thereby including Kosovo in its country list. Amazon.com is an American electronic commerce company and the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States. Hence, the Kosovar community can now make use of the variety of products that this retailer offers through its online services.

Digital Kosovo is thankful to all of you digital diplomats out there, who by sending frequent requests to institutions through the Digital Kosovo platform have increased the recognition of Kosovo in the international scope.

Become a part of Digital Kosovo and use digital diplomacy to attain the fruitful outcomes that this platform brings. From the community, for the community!

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