Our DK guides include detailed instructions on how to handle each task step-by-step. It is important that you read each part carefully and do not skip any of the instructions.  If you have any questions regarding the process please contact the Digital Kosovo team at


Collecting Information

We expect individuals who are collecting data to be able to do so from two or three websites per day. Please read all instructions carefully and adhere to them carefully in the sequence recommended.


Email templates

Please find here the email templates that you can use to send to target websites. You are free to make changes within the email content, but please do try to be professional and consistent.


Tone of your email

Whilst email is a more informal form of communication than writing an official letter, we encourage you to be formal in your tone. Checking spelling and grammar can help give a positive impression when your message is received by the target organisation.


Evaluating Responses

Evaluating the results is crucial for the thrift of the project. Hence, please make sure to follow all the guides and take the actions required. After sending the email to a particular institution please take care to check your email and see the responses you receive.