Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Kosovo?

Kosovo, as a young country, is rapidly bridging the digital divide facing its citizens, institutions and businesses.  Today, 76% of Kosovo households have a broadband Internet connection. Our youth are leading the  rapid spread of the use of all forms of digital media.

Kosovo is recognized by over half of the members of the United Nations and is a member of both the IMF and World Bank. Internet properties from LinkedIn to Twitter are updating their platforms, menus and options to include Kosovo and making it possible for everyone to take full advantage of all the opportunities available via the Internet.

Digital Kosovo helps you help us to integrate Kosovo into the digital landscape.  This initiative helps overcome the virtual barriers which currently exist by encouraging a range of Internet properties from shopping websites to travel to add Kosovo to their sites. Using Digital Kosovo advances Kosovo’s digital presence across major websites around the world, so that citizen’s of Kosovo can take advantage of all the Internet has to offer in the same way as all global citizens.

Digital Kosovo is a new initiative being delivered by IPKO Foundation, with the support of the Republic of Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs, British Council and the Norwegian Embassy.

Who is responsible for DK?

Digital Kosovo is managed by a team inside IPKO Foundation. The site does not reflect the policies or opinions of supporting organisations. IPKO Foundation is a locally operating NGO in Kosovo with the goal of seeding and supporting the development of the next generation of leaders with a digital vision for Kosovo. As we develop the project, we hope that it will be run voluntarily by our online contributors in due course.

How can I contribute to DK?

There are many ways you can contribute. First check the Get Involved box to write your message to the organizations and websites we are communicating with. If you have helped us by sending lobbying letters you can start adding the institutions you think should add Kosovo and can make a big impact online. If you have previously engaged into a conversation with an institution and achieved a successful results please report it on the form on our recognition list. You can always approach us at to discuss how can we improve the system.

I see templates are already written in request forms, can I edit them?

DK has consulted with legal professionals on what the email message should contain when contacting organizations in this manner. In order to allow you write your own version to the institution, we have left the form free for you to edit. Feel free to customize but you can also just submit the form with text provided by us in the template. If you have suggestions to help us improve the template, please send these to us at

Can I write the letter to organization in its native language?

Yes.  While we recommend corresponding in the English language if you are able to write in the language of the country where the institution/medium is based (such as writing in French to France 24) this is also encouraged acceptable.

Do I have to use my real name?

Yes. We encourage you to use your real name. The email sent to the institution will be verified and the more transparent you are, the more likely you will get positive feedback. DK will not publish your name/last name or email used on the site unless you ask us to, in order to protect your privacy.

Are there any rules or guidelines I should be aware of?

Yes. We have published the guidelines and the rules in the guide section of the site as well next to every page where action is required.

Are there any standard formats for letters for example?

Letter templates are available in the DK website forms whenever you add a new institution or send a request to the institutions already listed in the DK website. Alternatively letter templates and guides are available in the Guides section of the website. We suggest you use a letter template, but you are always free to change parts of letter template or write your own letter.

Should I create an account? Or I can contribute via email?

As we are in the process identifying the sites that need to integrate Kosovo, we are in process of identifying top contributors that would like directly to help us manage the process. You are welcome to email us at to open you an account but you are more welcome to start contributing in the beginning via the forms available until we have fixed the administration module allowing multiple accounts for the site.

Who keeps track of the process of online integration?

DK is designed that we all together keep the track in the process of online integration. The moment you send the request your letter with your signature (name/surname/email) will be sent to the institution via email. If the institution responds to you, please forward the conversation to so we can update it. In any later stage we can assign you with privileged access where you will be able to edit by yourself.

I have added an institution but it’s not visible online, why?

When you add a new institution it usually takes 24-48 hours until we verify it. If your institution does not appear after 24 hours, it means either that an institution/website/medium you added was not correctly added (all fields were not entered) or the website is not on top 10,000 websites of the world ranked by Alexa[1]. In both cases we will inform you with email about the process, if you need to add more information or why it was rejected.

What if two or more people are monitoring the same issue/institution?

DK is a bridge of coordination between all of us contributing to the recognition process. We encourage you to update us frequently using the Discussion section “What can we improve on this page?” that is on each page of DK. Please provide us as much information on any response so we can follow uo. Meanwhile we will update you weekly on progress made for every institution, something you can always read at updates section.

I couldn’t find my answer. How can I contact Digital Kosovo?

You can always reach us by sending an email to This page will be updated with new answers each time we are approached by your questions.