Digital Kosovo Ambassadors


Technological trends, ideas, and products are part of the society, as people see them as a means of improvement, but also identification. The very same identity is built through common values that various individuals aim to promote. Digital Kosovo, with the sole purpose of integrating Kosovo into the digital world, has established a wide community that acts as an essential contributor towards reaching this cause.

The largest contributors during this initiative are entitled as Digital Kosovo Ambassadors. These Ambassadors act as representatives and promoters of Kosovo to the wide range of digital landscape. They are the ones that motivate and drive the community forward by allowing the citizens of Kosovo to make use of all opportunities that are available online. Their contribution is most notable in the emails that they have sent, their self-propelled initiatives to find other institutions and integrate Kosovo in their systems, their tireless promotion of Digital Kosovo objectives through social media, as well as the commitment that they have shown towards expanding the Digital Kosovo community.

What can you benefit?

Being a Digital Kosovo Ambassador does not only demonstrate one’s capability of enhancing the overall social identity of a large community, but also enables one to become a part of the IPKO Foundation far-reaching and active community of change leaders. The importance of this entitlement is massive as Ambassadors are recognized for their continuous effort, while other members of the community look up to such individuals as a source of motivation and change. The latter is only achievable with leaders such as Digital Kosovo Ambassadors, who bring the Kosovar community closer to the global network.