Digital Kosovo Ambassadors


Technological trends, ideas, and products are part of the society, as people see them as a means of improvement, but also identification. The very same identity is built through common values that various individuals aim to promote. Digital Kosovo, with the sole purpose of integrating Kosovo into the digital world, has established a wide community that acts as an essential contributor towards reaching this cause.

The largest contributors during this initiative are entitled as Digital Kosovo Ambassadors. These Ambassadors act as representatives and promoters of Kosovo to the wide range of digital landscape. They are the ones that motivate and drive the community forward by allowing the citizens of Kosovo to make use of all opportunities that are available online. Their contribution is most notable in the emails that they have sent, their self-propelled initiatives to find other institutions and integrate Kosovo in their systems, their tireless promotion of Digital Kosovo objectives through social media, as well as the commitment that they have shown towards expanding the Digital Kosovo community.

What can you benefit?

Being a Digital Kosovo Ambassador does not only demonstrate one’s capability of enhancing the overall social identity of a large community, but also enables one to become a part of the IPKO Foundation far-reaching and active community of change leaders. The importance of this entitlement is massive as Ambassadors are recognized for their continuous effort, while other members of the community look up to such individuals as a source of motivation and change. The latter is only achievable with leaders such as Digital Kosovo Ambassadors, who bring the Kosovar community closer to the global network.

Arlind Luma

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I am a student, a designer, a storyteller, a traveler, a programmer. I consider myself as a creator since I commit myself to create everything that I want. I am passionate about technology.

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How did I become a Digital Kosovo Ambassador?!

The renowned quote says: "The key to success is hard work and determination." I completely agree with its meaning as those are the two factors that I have used to reach success.

Ever since I was a child, I showed extensive interest in technology and used to rapidly learn, create, and acquire new skills from what technology had to offer. Apart from this, I have also been a frequent user of a lot of websites. Firstly, I had always been wondering why Kosovo is not a country. Like the other students, I had a dream: to have our own country and to see it in the dropdown lists of websites. As a tech lover, I have occasionally tried to buy things online but could not find Kosovo anywhere in that list, since it did not figure as a country. Secondly, I soon started to send emails to them and make them aware that Kosovo is an independent country. Yet, no response came through. After a long time of trying and emailing different companies, I stopped doing it as it did not yield any results.

A few years later, I realized that there is a new website that will help us integrate Kosovo into the digital landscape. The name of the website and initiative was Digital Kosovo. I started contributing to this cause, sending a lot of emails to companies, institutions, and websites. The initiative needed any support it could get from any individual, with the main help coming from a simple sending of emails. We created a platform that was easy to use with a template that everyone can understand. Apart from my active participation of sending emails, I recruited many friends and encouraged them to send emails.

The most essential thing is that we made it. Kosovo can now be found in lots of companies’ websites, but we are still trying to extend the range of websites that include Kosovo.

The support that Digital Kosovo has acquired is increasing on a daily basis and I am happy to be a part of it as a Digital Ambassador. In my opinion, “If will exists, one can achieve more.” Therefore, I am very proud to provide a helping hand to IPKO Foundation and be named as a Digital Ambassador.

Atdhe Mahmuti

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I am the Owner and a game developer at WuuGames. Currently i'm studying computer science and engineering. I love new ideas, making games, mobile apps, hiking and traveling.

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Being a daily user of the internet is a somewhat ordinary activity for most of individuals during these modern times. However, using the internet for beneficial purposes can result in positive outcomes.

Apart from the extensive problems that Kosovo faces in different areas, one of the most obnoxious difficulties for every citizen of Kosovo has been the inability of finding Kosovo among the majority of websites in the digital world. Even if we wished to register in various websites, or to order products through online services, we could not use such services due to the fact that those websites did not recognize Kosovo as a country. Hence, Kosovo was left virtually isolated.
I often asked myself why my country was not visible in the drop-down list of world countries. In contrast, I was forced to choose one of the neighboring countries such as Albania to proceed with either the registration or order.

I have always been an active participant of IPKO Foundation’s projects, one of which has profited me as a scholarship winner. As soon as I became aware of the Digital Kosovo platform, I was impressed with the inherent objective of the project and started to become an active contributor to its cause. I started sharing the initiative in various online groups and forums, as well as notifying some of my friends regarding the importance of this initiative. They immediately contemplated the benefit that the country would gain from this project and started sending e-mails to the targeted institutions.

I soon started sending multiple e-mails, even though I had initially been largely skeptical that companies would actually respond to our requests. However, my skepticism decreased when we received the first recognition and when other recognitions kept coming.

Even though we have already received plenty of recognitions, the virtual world is vast and needs more dedication in order to ensure that Kosovo gets recognized in most of websites online.
I am more than delighted and proud to be entitled as a Digital Ambassador and to be a part of IPKO Foundation projects. I will ensure that I give my best contribution towards fulfilling the objective of Digital Kosovo.

Kevin Sinani

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I am a journalist at news-agency, and I study International Relations – Diplomacy. I am interested in diplomacy and specifically in politico-economic situation of Albanians in Balkans.

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My acquaintanceship with "Digital Kosovo" has started some time ago when I learned from the media that the new initiative was launched already in Prishtina. I must say that this was an excellent idea to promote the state of Kosovo in the world.
The importance of the Internet in everyday life has become overwhelming. Listing of Kosovo among other states in important websites in this field, in my opinion, has not to do only with the ease that provides citizens of Kosovo, but also international recognition as an independent country that Kosovo tries to reinforce every day.

The reason why I decided to contribute to this initiative was simple, I wish that Kosovo be treated equal as all other states. The practicability of Digital Kosovo’s website, as well as the desire to be contributing to this issue pushed me to be listed among the other people who think that it is important treating Kosovo as equal in this field.

This initiative also helps break the isolation that Kosovo faces in many areas, making the newest state of Europe more prevalent in the international arena. The contribution that we have given to this initiative has shown positive effects. Thanks to the community behind Digital Kosovo, Kosovo now is not only recognized as an independent state in many important websites, but also in the airports countries with great importance.

The challenge to treat Kosovo as an independent state is not easily influenced by the fact that Kosovo is not a member of the UN, but we should not expect anything from politics, the opportunity to contribute to the strengthening of the statehood of Kosovo this initiative has given us no reason to hesitate to give our contribution.