Digital Kosovo application for Android


After an intensve hard work throughout the year, and all the successes we have celebrated together, it is about time to come up with something new again.

Regardless of 3877 verified users involved, and more than 5000 emails sent; Digital Kosovo has currently 63 open cases, 28 cases in progress and 76 recognitions. The list of institutions which have not listed Kosovo in their country list still remains long.Wanting to change this, ease the process and to further intensify the work, just as how the platform has ever run before – based on the community’s dedication and hard work; With the generous help of the boys from WuuGames, we have created our other mobile application which is now waiting for Android users’ actions.

The Digital Kosovo application can be found in Play Store. The application comes with a different feel and look, as well as in both languages, Albanian and English.Please check this link to see how the applicbation works. To download it click here.

For us here at IPKO Foundation, each suggestion and comment about the application functionality is of a major importance. Whereas, of the most significance is the action being taken and requests being sent by Digital Kosovo users.

We have only created a tool to ease the work. The success is attributed to each member of the active community and only together we may celebrate the success.

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If you want to see Kosovo appearing on more of the websites that you use, find out how you can take action to support our wider campaign.


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We have made the institution and website contact procedure easy and simple for you in order to request Kosovo[s integration into their online platforms.


Report success

When you find websites making the change to add Kosovo to their site, please let us know so that we can update the progress here.