About Digital Kosovo

Kosovo, as a young country, is rapidly bridging the digital divide facing its citizens, institutions and businesses. Today, 76% of Kosovo households have a broadband Internet connection. Our youth are leading the rapid spread of the use of all forms of digital media.

Kosovo is recognized by over half of the members of the United Nations and is a member of both the IMF and World Bank. Internet properties from LinkedIn to Twitter are updating their platforms, menus and options to include Kosovo and making it possible for everyone to take full advantage of all the opportunities available via the Internet. Digital Kosovo helps you help us to integrate Kosovo into the digital landscape.

This initiative helps overcome the virtual barriers which currently exist by encouraging a range of Internet properties from shopping websites to travel to add Kosovo to their sites. Using Digital Kosovo advances Kosovo’s digital presence across major websites around the world, so that citizen’s of Kosovo can take advantage of all the Internet has to offer in the same way as all global citizens.

Digital Kosovo is a new initiative being delivered by IPKO Foundation, with the support of the Republic of Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs, British Council and the Norwegian Embassy

Why this is important?

Kosovo has already been recognized by over 100 countries. The historic May 2013 accord between Kosovo and Serbia brokered by the European Union, marks a significant step forward in opening up new possibilities to achieve further recognitions. Taking full advantage of those opportunities requires a broad and multi-faceted effort which goes beyond traditional diplomatic means.

Harnessing advanced technologies, and especially new media, can create much broader and wider support for Kosovo. For the first time, as well as recognition by countries and international organisations, we have a sustained effort to also increase online recognition.

The Republic of Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working to improve Kosovo’s inclusion in the global internet infrastructure, as well as using online communication channels to improve perceptions of Kosovo and support of the country’s economic, cultural and political developments.

How do I get involved?

Individuals can get involved by sending a request to websites and institutions using templates that we have made available on our website. These templates include concrete information and details needed for the particular institution to take the request into consideration.

Digital Ambassadors

Individuals can also get involved through other independent initiatives. Activities like App Camp Kosovo or WikiAcademy Kosovo, are making a significant difference to Kosovo’s online reputation, as the experience gained by participants in these activities will result in more quality digital content for Kosovo.


Kushtrim Xhakli (Founder), Teresa Crawford (Board Member), Abetare Gojani (Executive Director), Arbresha Tuhina (Finance Manager), Adelina Qarri (Senior Program Manager), Mali Tefiku (Tech Associate), Vlora Shabiu (Program Manager), Ardi Ponosheci (Project Manager), Dina Spahiu (Program Associate), Artina Muçiqi (Communications Officer), Miranda Vula (Admin and Finance Associate).