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Kosovo, as a young country, is rapidly bridging the digital divide facing its citizens, institutions and businesses. Today, 76% of Kosovo households have a broadband Internet connection. Internet properties from LinkedIn to Twitter are updating their platforms, menus and options to include Kosovo and making it possible for everyone to take full advantage of all the opportunities available via the Internet.

The Digital Kosovo platform helps us integrate Kosovo into the digital landscape.

Digital Kosovo is a new initiative powered by IPKO Foundation, with the support of the Republic of Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs, British Council and the Norwegian Embassy.

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Here you can find some interesting statistics on the work we have done so far.
Your engagement will help us to build on this.

7873Verified contributors


9013E-mails sent


60Open cases


39cases in progress



See the full list of indexed sites that listed Kosovo since launch of campaign
dk100 recognitions

100 recognitions and counting!

A symbolic number has been achieved lately! Digital Kosovo just marked it’s 100th recognition, all thanks to an active community contributing continuously towards Kosovo’s online presence. The community that makes this initiative possible is one of inspiring talent, motivating passion and continues growing daily.

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Kosovo now part of Microsoft!

Now this, is HUGE! Microsoft, the company that has revolutionized the world with their software for personal computers, businesses and smarphones, recently has added Kosovo to it’s list of supported countries. Now, Microsoft product users can correctly identify themselves as users from Kosovo! The zealous group of contributors is to thank for this achievement, who gave generously of their time towards contactging Microsoft through the Digital Kosovo platform. This is a milestone in Digital Kosovo, to be followed only by even greater ones in the future until Kosovo is fully integrated… Read More »

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AliExpress (Ali-Baba)

AliExpress is one of the biggest online communities which sells products throughout the world. Up until they were contacted by the Digital Kosovo Platform, they didn’t support Kosovo on their country lists. But now, after continuous contact through email, they have added Kosovo to their list of countries and now support shipping for the majority of their products to Kosovo.   We hope this joyous news finds it’s way to future users of AliExpress! 🙂 See our recognition list here.

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End Year’s Reflections

The end of the year is a period when we all reflect upon our successes and achievements of the year that’s passing. We would like to take some time to remind everyone of the achievements we have had so far through the Digital Kosovo platform: In total, together we have sent 6512 requests to institutions. We have 72 Open cases as well as 36 cases in progress And we have a total of 86 Institutions who have now added Kosovo to their list of countries.   Friends, these are big… Read More »

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Kosovo’s Digital Diplomacy Strategy

The Republic of Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working to improve Kosovo’s inclusion in the global internet infrastructure, as well as using online communication channels to improve perceptions of Kosovo in support of the country’s economic, cultural and political developments. This is being delivered with the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo, IPKO Foundation, and the British Council in Kosovo.